Sampling System Software
FITOK Sampling System Software
Edition: FTK902800
Update date: 02/06/2019
This software is designed to aid in your understanding of FITOK Sampling Systems and how to easily select a system for your specifications. It is programmed to operate on Windows systems.

  • Run the software without installing the program to your device
  • Content is available for offline viewing
  • User-friendly interface and easy operation 

  1. Company
    Introduction of FITOK Sampling Systems


  2. Product

    1  2 Types, 8 Series, and 41 Different Designs 

    2 Sampling systems for liquids, liquefied gases and gases

    3 PDF format catalog available

    4 P&ID provided

    5 Video to show sampling process

  3. Inquiry
    Send us the application questionnaire to get the sampling system you need.

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