As the Research and Development Center of the Group, FITOK GmbH is responsible for product research, type test and product manufacturing. It is equipped with state of the art machinery and a complete set of inspection tools and instruments for production of precision fluid system components.
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All factories follow the same high-standards to ensure high quality products.
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FITOK combines superior resources of Germany's R&D and China's manufacturing, creates high quality cost-effective FITOK products.
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Advanced processing equipment
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FITOK, Inc. is the global sales and service center of FITOK.
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Professional technical service team
FITOK (Shenzhen) Incorporated
FITOK (Shenzhen) Incorporated is one of FITOK's manufacturing plants which follows the same manufacturing and inspection standards as FITOK GmbH. Our factory in Shenzhen, China has a well-stocked manufacturing facility with the most modern machinery and a full complement of inspection equipment.
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Advanced processing equiment
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Inspection center
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Plenty of inventory